The Lerch lab is always looking for talented and motivated students, Ph.D. and postdoc candidates. For questions and information, please get in touch with Michael directly.

We are hiring! Are you interested in creating a more sustainable future by developing scalable routes for structurally colored coatings? The Lerch Lab has a PhD vacancy on structural color and smart coatings as part of the ARC CBBC consortium (details below)!

Bachelor & Master students

We are always happy to have students from the University of Groningen, other Dutch universities, or from abroad visit and conduct an internship in our laboratory. Together we will design a suitable project based on your background and interest.

Ph.D. students

The Lerch lab is continuously accepting Ph.D. students. As a Ph.D. student you will be active in developing novel materials and devices that can develop autonomously. You will have the opportunity to complement your background in chemistry, applied physics, nanoscience, or materials sciences, with skills and techniques such as organic synthesis, reaction-diffusion systems, microfluidics, micro- & nanofabrication, 3D/4D printing, basic programming, and modelling.


Potential postdoctoral candidates interested in joining our team are encouraged to get in contact, providing a CV, cover letter, and research summary. Please also provide a brief overview of possible funding sources that you are eligible for applying together with an approximate timeline. The Lerch group is looking for talented candidates with a background in synthetic chemistry, applied physics, materials sciences, nanosciences, or equivalent

Commitment to Diversity

The University of Groningen and the Lerch Research Group are dedicated to foster diversity in the chemical sciences and strive to create an equitable, inclusive, and respectful environment, where researchers of different backgrounds and disciplines can work at the forefront of science. Applications by female scientists and candidates from underserved groups are especially encouraged.