Beyond the bench, we are passionate to share the insights from our research to a broader public. Outreach and societal engagement has been a longstanding passion of Michael. He believes that as scientists we can play an active role in shaping perception of science and managing expectation about what science can and cannot do. He regularly presents his research for lay audiences and gives workshops at high schools and in similar settings.

Blog posts

The Impact of Fundamental Science on Researchers and Society
Blog-article for the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings 2017 (published on 13 June 2017)

A fundamental challenge
Blog-article for reatch.ch—research and technology Switzerland (published on 2 Dec. 2016)

Selected Presentations

“Photopharmacology: How Light Can Help Improve Medication”
Spring Lecture Series, Science in the News – Harvard University; Cambridge, MA, USA (24 April 2019); Beacon Hill Seminars, Organized by Science in the News – Harvard University; Boston, MA, USA (2 April 2019)

“Molekulare Maschinen: Herausforderung Zukunft”
SATW-TecDay at Kantonsschule Reussbühl (3 1 Jan. 2019 )

“Photopharmacology:Controlling Function with Light”
I F*%#ing Love Young Science (IFLYS); University of Groningen, Groni ngen The Netherlands (28 Sept. 2016)

“The Future is Light”
Reatch Pitch; Public lecture on research at the frontier of science and technology; University of Zurich, Zurich , Switzerland ( 26 Oct . 2015)

Other activities: