Synthetic Problem Sessions

Welcome to the synthetic chemistry problem sessions of the Stratingh Institute for Chemistry (a continuation of our previous problem session series)!

On a roughly biweekly basis (every other Thursday from noon to 1 pm at 5174.0178, see schedule), we will discuss a name reaction of the week, solve theoretical problems and mechanisms, and deliberate over synthetic solutions from recent literature. The problem set is published on Friday the week before the problem session, so that participants have time to think about the questions beforehand. Solutions will be published online after the problem session.

Please contact the organization team for questions or suggestions!

SessionDate & TimeProblem SetSolutionReaction of the Week
1Sept. 9th, 12-13hPS_1Solution_1Slides
2Sept. 23rd, 12-13hPS_2Solution_2Slides
3Oct. 7th, 12-13h PS_3Solution_3Slides
4Oct. 21st, 12-13h PS_4Solution_4Slides
5Nov. 4th, 12-13hPS_5Solution_5Slides
6Nov. 18th, 12-13hPS_6Solution_6Slides
7Dec. 2nd, 12-13hPS_7Solution_7Slides
8Dec. 16th, 12-13hPS_8Solution_8Slides
1March 24th, 12-13hPS_1Solution_1Slides
Up-coming Problem Sessions Fall Semester 2021.

SessionDate & TimeProblem SetSession Notes
1Oct. 25th, 16-19hPS_1Notes
2Nov. 29th, 17-19hPS_2Notes
Up-coming Synthesis Focus Groups Fall Semester 2021, Location: 5161.0165